Quest idea - Live by the sword

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John Columbo
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John Columbo

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Got chatting with some friends who only do combat and hate skilling/questing.
After holding their hands through a few simple puzzles, I got exasperated and said:

"You can't solve every problem by hitting it with a sword!"

... which got me thinking; maybe you can!


Basic premise of the quest is that you find a
Rusty 2h sword
(random drop, pickpocket loot, or just lying in the undergrowth)
, and take it to Tindel Marchant (Port Khazard repairs guy) to appraise.

He offers to restore it for you if you bring him some normal rusty swords
(which all turn out to be bronze, for the lulz)

Rusty 2h sword
turns out to be a
Runed bowsword
(tribrid weapon, like sunspear / vanquish)
which you'll need to further repair and learn to weild via a dungeon with puzzles that involve using the sword in some way.
(As a lever, a key, a pickaxe, a spatula, ect...)

After the quest, you get a tribrid 2h weapon that you can upgrade according to your skills. Each skill adds a certain effect to the weapon, and you can only have 2-3 active at a time.
(Depending on game balancing.)

Not 100% sure what the effects of each skill should be, but with 27 skills currently ingame, that gives some good scope for some creative combinations!

The weapon degrades, but instead of paying to recharge it, you'll have to gain xp in the skills attuned to the weapon, while having it equipped.

This is totally not a hook to get combat players into skilling btw! Honest!
At the very least, such a weapon should appeal to all the ironmen out there?
(Also, chance for a more combat based quest sequel, DIE BY THE SWORD?)

27-Aug-2019 20:30:06

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I support this.
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18-Sep-2019 17:39:02

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