Telos Practice Mode Update

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Holmes Adler
Aug Member 2009

Holmes Adler

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I have one suggested improvement for the Telos practice mode: allow a player to choose a particular phase to practice. I always died in the last phase and would loved to have had a chance to work on that without having to begin anew through all the stages just to die again at final phase. Of course, leave the non-practice mode the way it is. Just let us really practice one phase at a time.

01-Jul-2019 18:50:50

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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That sounds reasonable, Mr. Sherlock Irene. Creator of the quarterly M.U.P.A.Q. and I.B.A.T.A.W.A.T. Awards™. Do you notice unhelpful but non-trolling posts? Or someone asking a question for which the answer was already given? Nominate them here!
I am Gloop!

02-Jul-2019 09:53:03

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Let me get this out there by saying I've not done any type of game designing.

I don't feel like this is a request that would take a huge amount of work to do. Between Rax, Vorago and Telos that are all phase based it seem pretty simple to drop a player into a new phase. Granted there are some restrictions to when the next special attack is coming from all these bosses.

Can we get a little more support in the thread? ;)

Looking back the bosses listed are very similar anybody know who designed these bosses or are they from different creators?

11-Aug-2019 00:25:19

Jun MoXiao
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Jun MoXiao

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I am in support of this.
The only thing stopping me from actually doing telos properly or putting in the time to learn it better is the inability to choose a specific phase to start from.

I have been able to do telos phase 1-4 easily without any problem and can sometimes do it without consuming food on high enrages, but then end up chugging a ton in phase 5.
It is clear to me that what is stopping me from doing telos at even higher enrages is the lack of experience in Phase 5 and having a solid idea on what to do in order not to panic every time.
That being said, I thought about practicing telos for an hour but I have always been too tired of doing everything from Phase 1 to Phase 4 which can take up to 5 or even 6-7 minutes, just to reach Phase 5 only to die in a matter of seconds, which in turn brings me back to the starting point and having to spend another 5-7 minutes just trying to get to phase 5 once more.

Due to this issue I have decided to stop doing telos at the moment as it is just too tiring for me to keep doing this over and over again.

I hope such a thing is implemented into the game as soon as possible as it would be truly helpful.

26-Aug-2019 09:36:30 - Last edited on 26-Aug-2019 09:37:48 by Jun MoXiao

Titan J E N
Mar Member 2018

Titan J E N

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This boss is designed to be money sink. While 1 player of 300 can do boss properly others suffer and remove supplies and gp from game. Also its sad to see how you are supposed to use only magic combat style for "hardest boss in runescape" . Mechanics are designed so you go there and spam keyboard to get extra auto attacks in with your staff and piss off and quit game.

27-Aug-2019 13:14:56

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