Runescape Dual Accounts

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Izuki Shun

Izuki Shun

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The idea is that 2 players will share an account. They will have to players so you can play with a friend and you share your bank, skills and quests.

The Bank:
Your bank will be shared so that if player 1 places item and money into the bank, then player 2 can also see the same items in his bank and can remove and add whatever they like since it is the same bank. Its shared.

I thought it would be a fun idea to have skills work in a way so that whenever one of the 2 players sharing the account gains any exp, the other player will also get the same amount of exp. This way both players will always have the same levels since they are in a way the same account.
This would mean you can gain exp twice as fast since you are 2 players, but I think the exp required for each level should be doubled. Normally getting a skill up to level 2, you need 83 exp (I think). So for a dual account it would be 166 exp to gain level 2 in a skill.
This way you could train your skills together, but it would be OP.

The quests on the Dual Accounts only need to be completed once, by one of the players (or both). After one player completes a quest, it will also be completed for other player.
Not everyone likes every part of the game, which is fine. So by doing it this way you can do some quests each if no one likes it or one player can do all the quests by himself if he likes it and his partner doesnt.
Some quest reward items that you normally can only have 1 of, on each account could be altered so you can have 2 of them on Dual Accounts.

I think this is something that could be very fun as it might take away a bit of that lonely feel some might get in this game. Everything on this account will feel a bit more like a team effort.
This could be fun to play with a friend on ironman, but also the normal mode. Also both for RS3 and Old School.

And lastly for the membership. They could make it cheaper than having 2 normal accounts, but more than 1. Im thinking 150% of normal cost.

25-Jun-2019 11:40:53

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Pop O said:
what a mess you would have =')

Indeed. Totally not worth it. And the other dude could massively troll you.
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Looks interesting! If you did this with a family member then this should be ok but with a random dude then the other one can use bots to earn money and xp and what about the cheated items put in bank? Both accounts including yours will get banned!
So this will not be a possible option in the future!
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29-Jun-2019 20:00:58

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