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I just began farming clue scrolls and thought how nice it would be to have something automatically pick them up for me.
I did a quick net search (so i wasn't stealing someone else's idea) and found this suggestion on another site but couldn't see anything on the official RS forums. Credit goes to Dudey xD for the original thought and hopefully he posts his idea

My idea would be a 'Treasured Imp'. It would work the same way as the charming imp works right now with settings on what to pick up and what not to pick up. It would attach to the tool belt and purchasable with treasure trail points. Since its really only a quality of life thing, making it worth 1000-2000 points sounds fair to me.

thoughts, comments?
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12-Feb-2019 22:06:35

Kings Abbot

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You can only have 25 clue scrolls of a type at any time via drops, so it's not going to make a very big difference... One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [gate 6] - [wall 9] - [fence 37]

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12-Feb-2019 22:08:02

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I don't know this also sounds like a Quality of life update, if you're a cluescroll hunter it would make going through the that much easier.

there for I Support @ZWEIK
My account is here to support J mod team with their concept ideas as I’m respect for the J Mod team.

25-Jun-2019 14:39:04

Queen Farli
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Expensive collect-y thing, attachable to toolbelt for the standard 500 slayer points, makes life a little bit easier for higher level players?
Sounds true to Jagex form to me, support.

01-Jul-2019 21:19:32

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