Training skills simultaneously

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It can take a while to smith a platebody or get a full inventory of fish. How about being able to do more than one thing at once? Examples:

- Fletch bows while woodcutting.
- Throw logs in a fire while smithing.
- Pickpocket an NPC while fighting another one.

The skilling animation could alternate between one skill and the other for ~2 seconds each but the xp given to you would be the same as if you trained each one individually.

Benefits would include:

1. Less boring training (no need to watch youtube at the same time to make it tolerable), providing an advantage to players who give the game more focus.
2. Slightly harder gameplay to "no xp waste," having to manage inventories for two skills at once or eat food and maintain your overload/prayer when fighting an NPC while pickpocketing others.
3. New thematic content possibilities, for example quests that require you to do more than one skill at once for some reason, e.g. a limited amount of time before some walls close in on you and crush you unless you light a fire and cast a spell on a switch or having to range some NPCs
while walking on a rope.

This would be a hard thing to implement but imagine all the possibilities and how much RuneScape would stand out as a result.

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or like if you get a failed attempt at pickpocketing an npc, he or she becomes fightable and enraged with massive health and if you kill it you get alot more thieving exp and maybe like more loot from what the loot would have been, as an example. i think this would be good content honestly

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the only way i can say yes to this is if its click intensive
smithing 1 item at a time. while throwing 1 log in the fire at a time.
each wc attempt is 1 click. each bow is one

no make x at all. everything goes to back to what it was rsc

if you are wanting afk bonfire and smithing then heeeeellll nooo
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