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I have no experience here in the suggestions forum, so pardon my post if it seems "lacking" but I just had a cool idea and thought I might as well post it.

Basically, my idea is for a sixth-age quest revolving around King Arthur and the knights of Camelot. With the re-discovery of the world gate, travel to Terragard (the home world of humanity) is once again possible!

Merlin, being the daring wizard that he is, has already made the trip and returned to Camelot with dire news. The realm of Albion, Arthur's former kingdom, is in grave danger. The knights of the round table (that means you, the player!) have been recalled for a grand expedition to return to Albion, so that the once and future king may defend his kingdom.

Quest Concept Title: Defender of Albion

I'll leave the details of what happens on the other side up to more lore-capable individuals at Jagex than I, but I would imagine a few things:

- The presence of Saradomin at some point (as he is from Terragard)
- The implications of bringing runes to Terragard (remember, runes originated on Gielinor)
- Albion/Old Camelot could be a starting point for a much larger world that awaits us
- Fremmenik involvement also seems likely

As for rewards, I would imagine your typical experience allotments, access to the world of Terragard and various skill/combat locations in that world, as well as access to an Albion Teleport spell/method/item for faster travel. Finally, as Arthur requires the player to return Excalibur to him for the defense of Albion, the player instead receives Carnwennan, the magical dagger of King Arthur (or Enhanced Carnwennan with the appropriate achievements).

Carnwennan is said to shroud it's user in shadow, and thus this dagger is a tier 65 defender with the same on-use effect as excalibur, with a small shadow effect when the 1/15 chance reduction is applied. Perhaps a "For Albion!" shout? Finally, the Lady of the Lake will imbue the power of Enhanced Carnwennan into any defender, for a fee.

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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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I like adding the other realms from the World Gate to the game.

I somewhere read though that the King Arthur from the game is the "real" one we had here on Earth and thus did not originate from Teregard, but I think this was stated a long time ago and the lore could of course change.
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