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Ok i have a suggestion what if you guys added zombies with waves and a boss and make the boss be something diffrent at the end of all the waves make the zombies give points for items and teams of players have to group up but they can join random groups also the players would get free food and items to help defend against the massive hordes and make it accessable in f2p and members with the portal being in varrock in a small circle thats green with the points person standing right by it and you could make some objectives to make it more fun

22-Jun-2019 14:18:58

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Ah, RuneScape's taking a leaf out of The Walking Dead's book again I see.

They have tried this before (in 2010 and 2011) and most recently, the 2017 Dimension of the Damned event. I quite enjoyed the mechanics behind the Dimension, however, it still needed a lot of work.


22-Jun-2019 21:41:16

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