slayer masks in slayer helm

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There are 22 slayer masks ingame and most players have likely sent their masks to diango so to use a mask:
say you felt like doing abby demons
open bank
open diango
search for mask
click it
pay for it 2 clicks
use it to force task
use it once more
destroy it
go back to slayer helm

Instead of this if the corrupted slayer helmet can be used to corrupt itself to be any mast for the length of a task.
If the player does not wish to carry through with the task they pay 50k to clear the corruption turning it back to slayer helmet or you can use a charge system making a sink for corrupted gem as that is 120k at the moment (an item intended to be worth 2m).

I don't slay anymore because I am 120 but this could be nice if i was to do the odd abby demon task for the telly and force task
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Draco Burnz said:
No support.

Jagex removed versions of the helm for a reason so i dont see them adding more.

the helm itself would remain unchanged apart from having charges like the ring of death for example so it wont add more versions of it.
the aspect of corrupted mask versions would be same icon same effect par 1 or 2 lines of code 60% copy past job. or an even cheaper idea the helm remains unchanged what so ever and after the helms name you have (abyssal) etc.
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15-Jun-2019 15:53:33

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^ It may still be the helm, but every combination of upgrades in the Slayer helm makes it a different item, and the large amount of upgrades for it gives rises to an exponential amount of item IDs taken up by it. That's why they removed the ability to store summoning scrolls in the helm a while ago: to free up a lot if item IDs. It was very similar to what you want. I don't think they want to nullify their actions by doing this. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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Hid a thread-hijacking comment. That question is better suited for the RuneScape Guides and Help section. But to answer the question, I think you just need to cancel it as you usually would, through the Slayer Rewards. Or just try talking to another slayer master and ask for a task.

I personally like the idea. The only masks I really use are the Dark Beast and Abby Demon ones, but it'd be nice to be able to shove them into my Slayer Helm or combine them into one "master mask" that would save some bank space.
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15-Jun-2019 21:12:30

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A better, better idea would be to allow them to be mounted/put in the slayer lodge and then their benefits obtained from there like with the slayer mask. But it would be nice to be able to get all the masks easier to allow for this.

04-Sep-2019 20:39:38

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i use abyssal mask, gloom (dark beasts), airuts, gargoyles

i dont keep them in diango? i have them in my bank. why would you put with diango (using your example)

but you want 22 masks / helms to be added to a helm already thats op. (especially if its displayed in anacrhonia)

thats a lot of stuff for one item,

as im doing max slayer point grind (21k/64k) so this would benefit me greatly (i think or would become a huge hassle due to so many options)

its a no from me. for reasons above
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04-Sep-2019 21:42:07

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Why not just a mask rack, similar to the cape rack to store all the masks. Then you can just

take what you need. I know I could use the bank space.
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05-Sep-2019 15:23:50

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I think just the helm's "guaranteed task" effect should just be shared with the slayer helmet.

Example: When requesting a slayer task, you can ask to pick your task, which opens a menu similar to the Slayer Cape except it lists all monsters you own a helm of and haven't requested a task for that day.

That way you don't have to search your bank every time you want a specific task.
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05-Sep-2019 15:39:22

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