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Hayamo said:

Yes because IIRC, they updated it so you can wear the override of the exact armor you are wearing but nothing else and it'll still show this.

So even w/o it say this, that's the armor hes wearing.

20-Apr-2019 10:07:34

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03-Jun-2019 11:23:59

Pop O
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support as a toggle
customisation has lead to many people leeching if your not in a group its super hard to tell what people are using all you have is maybe their hitsplats and runeclan if they havent deactivated that
simply seeing what people are wearing makes them conscious and embarrass not to camp t80 gear coz its cheaper, when your boi here is spending the gps on incense sticks
Posts:urn bag!, hits-plats fix

30-Jun-2019 10:29:08



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I am someone who has recently gotten back into RS and the cosmetic overrides were the first thing I noticed. At first I thought they were cool new weapons and armors but it turned out they were just skins to hide other armor.

I have worked hard to get my full set of dragonbone armor with my godsword so when I see someone else wearing full dragon and it turned out to be a cosmetic override then I feel cheated in a way. Or I see someone wielding a weapon when that player is actually unarmed. It feels like a lie personally. Plus some of those cosmetics are kinda appalling to look it.

Some people may try and argue the point that there are several costumes in game that look ridiculous but I have a counter to that. An override is something that hides what you are wearing. So I can be wearing full bronze but it LOOKS as if I am wearing full dragon. But with some of the costumes, like the chicken suit, you have to wear it to see it. You cant hide full bandos underneath it.

23-Jul-2019 06:27:48



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What if the use of cosmetics could ONLY be applied for characters not wearing armor? So it would be the "naked" version of the character.

This way it will give players the option to wear these costumes without any special stats and if armor is applied the base armor would override the cosmetics.

I would wear a dragon cosmetic for my character if it only applied to my "naked" character.

23-Jul-2019 06:41:20

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