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• A permission that allows you to set custom display titles for users.

No, wtf
• A clan staff chat - This could be in a separate chat box, for members that are (as an example) Coordinator+. You might say to use Discord, but not everyone uses that

No, we have fcs groups pms, discords etc.
• Show lobbied guests in the clan chat list

Yes and let us chat in it while in lobby.
• Combined clan events - send requests to other clan leaders and broadcasts to both clans if they accept

Sounds cool, yes
• Weekly citadel boss - A boss that spawns in the citadel each week, rewarding users with loot and/or xp

Sounds cool, yes.
• Request, buy or swap citadel resources from other clans

• An upgradeable bank and/or mini-grand exchange space. Right now, there is just a tiny bank chest that is hidden away in the keep, nobody wants to use that. I think we should have the option to upgrade this into a larger bank that appeals to users and would make them be in the citadel more often. It could be in a more open spot, like the entrance that is barely used aside from the noticeboard.

• Permission to turn on death messages. "30gp just died at Gregorvic, X Damage Dealt"

?? No
• Automatically send a reminder to clan members 3 hours before a citadel reset

Only if its toggleable with game broadcast messages, we have a lot of spam already

10-Jul-2019 17:38:12



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• Permissions to send a custom broadcast message (WITH COLOR)

• Change the events broadcast colors and formatting. It's currently white with a few * symbols, which is not appealing at all.

I don't care, don't need this.
• Give users the ability to set a reason when banning a user from the clan chat

Yeh ok
• Fix display titles: They don't currently appear next to the correct usernames, it will put a random title next to a random user.

No idea what this is about
• Integrated discord invitation links for verified clans

How about displaying cc messages on discord? this has been done in minecraft probs can do in rs too if jagex wanted

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