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I thought Elite Dungeons were done after the Curse of the Blackstone, but according to surveys more could be added. I've played through them however it feels a bit too unforgiving if you're new making it tough to learn.

Getting hit with Arraxors Cleave or QBDs Firewall hurt enough you want to avoid it, but take one step in the Sanctum Guardians corruption pool and you immediately die.

I think we could use a less serious Elite Dungeon that's easier than the Black Stone trio, with lower level rewards.

We've fought followers of every god in dungeons, even Marimbos on Ape Atoll, but I've always wondered, what would a Brassica themed ED be like?

Storm Barn of Brassica:

Location: In a Storm Barn under the Gower Quest cabbage farm, requiring the quest completion to access.

Brassica thought it was trendy among gods to create a dungeon full of unnecessary fighting, but found out the GWD1 is too out dated by now to join so he left it as a party room for his followers.

Environment: Similar to the Mutated Jadinko cave, but less mutated and more green. Altars made of wood can be found full of offerings of harvest albeit you cant take any or pray at the altars. Cooking apparatus is frequently used as religious symbols to praise Brassica's "deliciousness"

Common enemies:

Cabbage Roller: Cabbage Rolls that roll towards players at high speed. Similar CB abilities to a Charger from Raids.

Farmer of Brassica: Can either use a Pitchfork as a melee weapon or throws as Ranged. Uses abilities and adrenaline.

May encounter food monsters from the Recipe of Disaster boss fight but without specific items required.
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Harder enemies:

Draconic Salad: A dragon made out tomato slices for scales and lettuce wings, resulted from feeding a Dragon a vegetarian diet.

Similar combat abilities to an Adamant Dragon with a similar 3x3 special attack to Gemstone Dragons. If it hits the player, they get hit with a "Delicious" debuff where all enemies who damage the player are healed for the damage they deal including the Draconic Salad themselves

Cabbamancer: Magic users that channel Brassicas Deliciousness. Summons Cabbage Rollers and has an adrenaline bar where when filled, will call upon Brassica to heal him 40% (uses rejuvenate). Attempting to stun a Cabbamancer won't stun him, but instead reduce the adrenaline bar making it recommended to prevent him healing.

Voragourmet: Living Rock Creature made out of sandwiches. Uses Voragos normal attacks and his blue/red bombs in the form of eggplants and tomatoes, but at significantly reduced damage.

Mini-bosses are stronger versions of these.

Bosses: Difficulty is somewhere around QBD and GWD2 normal mode bosses, but bosses may heal if a player fails a boss mechanic rather than dealing lethal damage to make it more friendly for less experienced players.

From lore books, they're weridos who actually like cabbage, and got way too powerful from eating them

Lancer the Plant-o-Mancer:

Attacks with all combat styles with the ranged attack throwing seeds at the player which sometimes spawns a carnivorous plant at their location forcing them to move. Magic attack may apply a delicious siphon debuff where if the player heals, the boss heals for 20% of the same amount. Melee attack is a Whipvine that can inflict poison

Special attacks including growing weeds in an area that prevent running followed by dodgeable attacks, spawning temporary aggressive Vile Blooms, or growing attackable cabbages which have low HP but must be destroyed quickly or he absorbs them and heals, making multi-target abilities or Bladed Dive useful to prevent it.
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Beast from the Yeast:

Large beast made of pure bread, fought inside of a giant oven. Has a similar mechanic to the Nightgazer boss from dungeneering, where one must light corners of the arena to deal full damage as cooking the boss weakens it. However the more corners that are lit, the hotter it gets inside causing a desert heat like effect.


The final boss, which is an amalgamation of composted vegetables that have come alive due to Brassicas presence. Can shapeshift into other creatures and use rotting effects that can decay players stats and overload timers. Occasionally a Gilded Cabbage spawns which the boss tries to eat, so you'll need to kick it off the arena as if it eats it, it heals and becomes stronger.

On completion Brassica will thank you for cleaning his toilet.
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Being easier than the "Curse of the Black Stone" trio, drops aren't as generous and rare drops vary from T70-T80 rather than T82-T92.

Items are parodies of GWD items, as Brassica originally considered joining the party with Lancer as his general. Codex abilities are more obscure and situational than ones from Black Stone EDs.

Brassican God Fork: T75 2H Pitchfork, with the Brassican perk built in (sometimes gives you a Cabbage) as its special effect. It doesn't have a special attack unlike God Swords.

Dropped very rarely from Farmers of Brassica rather than bosses, but has a lackluster special effect compared to Godswords

Siege Codex: Dropped by Lancer the Plant-o-mancer, unlocks the Siege ability.

Siege - Threshold Ability, Requires a shield and 80 Defense.

Block off your opponents attacks while swinging your weapon overhead for 3.6s, dealing up to 135% weapon damage every 1.2s (combo attack). Each hit has an increased crit chance equal to a tenth of your shield tier and grants a temporary life pool equal to 20% of your total armor value that lasts up to 4s after the ability ends.

Example: When using a Eagle-Eye shield and 3K total armor, you have an 8% increased crit chance. The first hit grants you a 600 LP shield similar to the Crystal Shield perk, and every consecutive hit adds 600 LPs up to 2.4K assuming you don't cancel it early. Defenders work, but due to lower shield tier you get less crit chance and less temporary LPs due to lower total armor value.

Mutated Transfigure Codex: Dropped by Beast from the Yeast. Changes ability so instead of stunning the player it applies an 80% damage penalty. Damage the player deals is added to the damage taken timer when calculating healing at the end.

Brassica's Deliciousness: Amulet based on the Saradomin Amulets. Behaves as an improved version of Expensive Spices and doesn't stack. Increases food healing by 100 and cabbages heal 3x to combo with the Brassican perk. Dropped by Compost.
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