Master Quest Cape

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There is an achievement for the Master Quest cape called "Enough of the Crazy Walking" that requires you to 'purchase the Mad Ramblings' according to wiki.

You need to play Barbarian Assault to complete this achievement, however I have been checking the Barbarian Assault world almost daily and it is always empty- the mini game is dead.

So I was wondering if there is any work happening on that, or anything could be done with that like remove/change the achievement.

10-Jun-2019 06:31:15



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With the Mqc having quest & lore reqs and those books essentially being ďloreĒ I canít see them getting removed any time soon.

Also barbarian assault has had a significant rework already, where it was arguably made worse depending on your viewpoint. So itís unlikely Jagex will want to go back and rework it again.

There was a friends chat for Barbarian assault and getting various requirements ticked off, but I canít remember the name of it, or if it still exists. Sorry I canít be more helpful.

On the bright side those books only cost 50 Hp each, so itís just two complete runs of barbarian assault, maybe try to convince some friends to do it with you.

10-Jun-2019 08:28:00

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