Bank linked to metal bank

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I've mentioned it before on other threads, but could we please get a button to access the metal bank from within the bank? Why keep them separated? It seems like an easy fix and the ability to withdraw bars and ore could be improved by utilizing an interface more like the normal bank.

28-May-2019 15:17:40

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Strong support. Taking away choice doesn't make sense. Why should we have to teleport to a new location to access our stuff? I want one bank, don't make this more complicated than it has to be.

Since there is a 0 chance for having a single bank, at least let us choose whether our ported ores go to the metal bank or regular bank. So frustrating.

12-Jul-2019 15:04:39

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linking it to the regular bank like Diango's is would be great :-) Things may be looking down now, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel;
Do you think I should get off the tracks?

15-Jul-2019 05:57:39

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