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sorry im a little upset sorry for making a new thread but i posted how on the old school wiki it shows the sailing poll passed in 2015, whether you tell me this is the "osrs" wiki or the "rs3" wiki its still about runescape, and the backlash i get getting told "no one wants a new skill" thats just what you think and everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, i dont know how you can tell me the link i showed is for runescape 3 but even if it is my argument is still the same, you cant change it by saying oh thats rs3 not old school
it says OLD SCHOOL
Question 1
Shall we release the Sailing skill?
68% yes
32.1% no

18-Aug-2019 22:41:58

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68% isnt a pass

it requires 75% iirc to pass.

anything under that is considered "controversial" especially as not everyone voted etc etc etc

so yeah to sum up that short post. it didnt pass

sora00112 said:
it says OLD SCHOOL

indeed so why be here

should be in the osrs section of the forums found here
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Closed as a duplicate.

You already have a thread open for his topic in the Old School RuneScape General Forum, which is the more relevant placement, as this forum is for RS3. Please continue to use your original thread.


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18-Aug-2019 23:33:58

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