Hellfire Bow Style Conversions

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Similar to this has been posted before.
( see here 185-186-525-66091612)

However I think this does count as handling it in a completely new way.

While I approve of this suggestion I would like to make the following conceptual change:

Multiple Hellfire weapons on the same world, while cool in concept, would likely be hectic, both to the chat and to the players trying to use the wilderness.

Therefore my proposition is that, instead of 3 different hellfire weapons, the
Hellfire Bow
be convertible into a melee version (
Hellfire Scythe
), or a magic version (
Hellfire Staff)
to enable the use of whatever style the user prefers. This would likely need a cool down of some sort to prevent abuse.

- General pros of this I can think of would be:

1. Usability against any monster(or player), not just those weak to ranged/no weakness.

2. Players would be able to use their preferred style instead of being forced to use ranged if they want to use a t99 in the wilderness.

3. The amazing aesthetic of the bow would not be tied down to just one weapon in one style.

This would greatly increase the number of people in the wilderness willing to take on the risk to get/use it, without the added chaos of having 3 hellfire weapons in every world at all times.

This would still not be a weapon usable by many pvpers unless they want to hunt it down every time they switch worlds.

I'm open to feedback of any kind on this but I think this would be a much better solution then adding 2 more Hellfire weapons to every world. I can't think of any immediate issues with this so if you do see any feel free to let me know.

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