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you know the player gates in dungeoneering that allows us to teleport back to a door ( the 1 time use ones players make)? Something like that would be so useful. Imagine yourself skilling/killing and your inventory is full or you are out of food and no bank close. Normally you would have to tele to a bank then a long walk back to where u were skilling/killing. Not if we had a 1 time use gate (for lack of another name for it) You would just place it at the location you want to return to. teleport to bank, fill/empty inventory then teleport back to your 1 time use ,teleport gate and continue your training. maybe sell them in packs of 3 or 5.
Of course there would probably be areas it is not allowed.
what are your thoughts on this?

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its a great idea, but not for RuneScape as its a game unbalance. It also limit the reason to get a storage pet into the area. This idea of where it would not be allowed would just be placed outside the area and used. You might save a little time but it seems like allot of effect for a little reward at that point. (I can see it being useful in allot of ways still just not a great idea for a role playing game like this).

You have duel rings that bring you to bank really quick also. You also have dung ring. It be great for clue scrolls and maybe in a rare clue item type drop it could work out better than having it where a mass amount of players can use it at all times.

This idea has much to think about and the balancing of the idea is interesting to put it into working order.

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