Servers for East Asia Players

Quick find code: 185-186-843-66046235

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Draco Burnz
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UrekMazino said:
Better get used to it, there used to be an Indian server but it got shut down after most of the Indian bots were banned. There just isn't enough of us to warrant a separate server atm. I play on 200+ ping all the time and to say that it is borderline unplayable is quite an exaggeration, its bad, but its not unplayable.


No support.
Draco Burnz
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Support and

25-May-2019 02:08:27



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Please make a server for South East Asia. We also want to have a good ping for PVM. High ping make PVM become harder for us. I hope Jagex will consider this. I am representative for SE Asia player.

28-May-2019 05:27:13

I p p o
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Does Jagex or any member part of Jagex reads threads like this one? It's like every year I see a post about the need for a SEA server but I hear nothing from Jagex regarding it. Is it really that hard to set up a server in Singapore when you do have quite a bit of player base who would benefit a lot from that single server. Come on Jagex. A reply would be nice.

11-Jul-2019 11:31:20

Hunter J
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Hunter J

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Hope there are at least 10 asian server....

I truly believe there are more than thousands of people living in asia (playing osrs)

I think osrs can be more appealing if it provided at least few servers for asians

what is osrs mobile for anyway...

11-Jul-2019 11:40:12

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