Elemental Workshops

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Darth Vitus
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Darth Vitus

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I don't know if I am being nostalgic but I would love to see the elemental workshop questline being completed because there are still 5 runes to go through in the series, nature, law, death, blood, and soul.

Maybe some of the rewards could be a hybrid weapon set where the weapon can do both physical and magic damage with it being pared as a range or melee weapon. That could really fill out some of the combat tree as well and make things more random when in pvp or pvm.

23-May-2019 04:21:43

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I guess what might be important would be re-defining the existing elemental armours first. They're currently just a fairly poor magic-class tank armour. If they were to be changed to an interesting, unique and viable kind of armour, players also might be more open for a continuation of the quest line. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

30-May-2019 08:12:18

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