Saradomin brew combo pots

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Fatal Sandz
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Fatal Sandz

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maybe make a few different ones , like one with half brew half anti-poison so you can take one with you , sara brew with super restore?

sara brew with guthix restore?

I just think that would be one of the coolest combo pots , im struggling to titan and have enough space so any other new cool combo pots would be really cool

I hate that super guthixx restores have the 15 adrenalin makes them pretty much useless , if you just made them like regular ones minus the adren it would be way more popular and bring up guthix wines a lot , then they would be a pot people would use a lot more instead of anti poison.

and also make some combo pots that use super prayer potions not just regular ones would be nice ,

it would be a easy update and give people a reason to go to regular dungioneering wich I hate , I only do elite dungeons ... but I can easily think of many combo pot that would work ,

even make it so you can mix any 2 pots you want together , and for 3 or more pots you need to find the recipe would be really cool .

but my # 1 wanted would be saradomin and super saradomin brew combos , and # 2 take the 15 adrenalin gain off completely because we use super restoration pots and if used to clear poison before we need thee adren it screws it all up i.e why nobody uses the supers and guthan wines are 1k ea

super prayer pots should be a option in super restores and super restoration pots,

super prayer and super restore combo would be cool to save space so u get full restore of a super prayer and get the stat restore of a super restore , save a space and would be useful

plz plz jagex read and consider this ima long time player and would appreciate it

02-Sep-2019 17:40:26

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