Dragon Task 'masks'

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You know those slayer creature masks that allow you to force assignments?

You know those treasure hunter masks you obtain that are dragon cosmetic masks?

You know the invention skill?


What if you could use the invention skill to convert those masks into a mask that allows you to request dragon tasks from slayer monsters? It should use fortunate components, sharp components, and dragon fire components.

The bonuses shouldn't be too tough, but maybe reduction of dragonfire damage by 50% or whatever the lowest antifire pot effect is. They should have teleports like the dragon trinkets, and allow you to 'attach' your dragon trinkets to them for handier storage.

Naturally up until maybe 500 kills you get double drops every 10 kills and maybe it has a 5 or 10% chance to auto note hides/ bones for you?

I started runescape because I wanted to kill every dragon. This sounds fun!
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Just have it have the same benefits as the normal slayer masks, the double drops every 10 kills etc thing. Potentially act as the lowest antifire thing in a similar way to a dust devil mask acting as a facemask or whatever it does but I'm not sold. It would include teleports like the other masks regardless of trinket existence, but only 2.

They could be linked and tiered like the masks as well. The chromatic dragons (blue, green, red, black) would be a level 40/45 LINKED 1 day request (like the wyrms), the metallic a level 50 2 day linked request and the gemstone dragons a level 55 or higher 3 day linked request.
The three types would be internally linked (so on the same day you could request a black task, and mithril task AND an onyx task but NOT a black task and a blue task and a green task).

You would only be able to have one, on destruction it would be sent to Diango like the other masks and could be recharged by a spirit of battle, again like the others.

I would expect it to have a reasonably low invention demand - maybe level 20 like the elite outfit pieces? Or you could have it using your ultra expensive method. Or maybe a compromise of the chromatics using level 20 and cheap materials, the metallics using fortunate/ sharp / dragon and the gemstone using rumbling/ascended/ whatever highest tier components.

Adding the trinkets would, I think, be another invention perk/ upgrade to the mask and a higher level one than creating the mask itself. Adding trinkets would allow for the trinket teleports to be used AFTER the included two are exhausted. Would the trinkets be shared across all upgraded masks of a certain tier or per mask (i.e. if I had 25 dragon trinkets and I added them to my upgraded black mask would the charges be shared with my upgraded blue mask or kept only to my black one?)?

As I said, support in concept.

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