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Welcome to our Boss Leeching Service!

We offer leech services for all bosses for
. We always aim to be very competitive so if you think you have found cheaper price we can try to beat it!

We offer services for
, including:

- Nex
- Nex - Angel of Death
- Kalphite King
- Penance Queen/King
- Rise of the Six
- Araxxi
- Beastmaster Durzag
- Yakamaru
- Daredevil feats/titles
- Vorago Normal Mode
- Vorago Hard Mode - Defeater titles and Outfit of Omens pieces
- Solak
- Elite Dungeons 1, 2 and 3

Please note: some bosses require Discord access.

Friends Chat: "

The team consists of some pretty experienced PvMers and have achieved a fair amount in our time, including:

- Sold
OVER 1000
Raids boss leeches
- Our Hardmode Vorago team acquiring the
first 2 Bombis in game

- Several THOUSAND
Hardmode Vorago
kills collectively
- 4 of the top 10
Insane "Final Boss"
title holders
First team to reacquire Insane "Final Boss" and "Final Boss" titles post Raids release

- One of the top 5 teams to acquire
"the Daredevil"
- Many members hold
several of the current boss records

We are constantly improving our service and we believe our feedback/vouches throughout the thread speaks for itself if you are at all worried about the validity of our services!

If you are interested in making any purchases, contact myself or guest in my FC!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact one of us and ask!

Happy Scaping!

Insane Final Boss
1st Bombi

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==== Vouches =====

Meh said:
Just got a perfect Araxxor leech with Saturn, smooth and fast! Thank you! :D

itsmyteddy said:
For all those that are interested in buying Omens pieces or Defeater title. I did a little research and contacted 8 different services! This one is by FAR the cheapest! You can save anywhere between 30 to 50% of your cash each rotation!

Hayley1 said:
Great leech team! Thank you again guys!! Will be recommending this team. Very quick and very good at what you do.

Chumey said:
Best team ever! good price and ez kills! thanks alot guys!

CaptainCook said:
Nice kill. The communication was the key to the kill which these guys were great at. Thanks again!

Marios said:
honestly very friendly and very descriptive bunch of guys.

I cant say this enough, but thank you very much, and i really appreciate the service guys.

i would honestly reccommend them to anyone who is seeking a leech for these new bosses, and best wishes to your future services guys, take care.

BeserkFury9 said:
Great group of people was really fun. Got the kill on both bosses, fun to listed to even tho I didn't have a mic. 10/10

Count said:
Team didn't tell me I needed a legendary pet, yak died instant and lost 15 rocktails, no refund on those rocktails were given. 0/10.

Joking aside, got the kill first attempt on Yakamara (even without a yak) and was super smooth. Very helpful in regards to pms before the kill and in ts during. When a new 40-man raid comes out, will be messaging you guys for the kill. 9.9/10 (Still want a refund on those 15 rocktails).

Insane Final Boss
1st Bombi

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==== Vouches ====

Lima said:
Friendly and nice team, Great teamwork and incredibly coordinated.
All nice guys and everything went smooth <:
Also gave a good price, 11/10 would recommend if you need your particles back :)

Vyt said:
Got to agree with the guy above. Very nice team! Helpful, explained what to do, what not to do. Kill went very smoothly. Got it on first try :] Wishing you guys good luck with future kills :)

Can recommend to anyone :)

Kryton07 said:
Awesome team great walk through of the kill and was very informative and would use them again.

I will recommend them to my friends or anyone looking to leech. :D

Sogn said:
Finally got my Completionist Cape thanks to these guys!
If you want quick and easy kills this is the team go with!
Great service.

Nocirne said:
I recommend these guys to everyone. Friendly and willing to teach you the mechanics at the same time without being a "leech". This is probably the best team atm. Thank you so much and looking forward to do raidsbosses in the future now.

Bmhigh said:
Wearing my comp cape again! Great team of very nice guys and gals. Just listen to their instructions. Got a boot and an ability drop! Highly recommended.

Be aware, there may be a Jagex glitch in the Yakamaru Boss fight that may need a redo. But don't worry, this team will stick with you till you get your comp cape.

S70 said:
Good help, got my comp back thanks to you guys :D I'll gonna let my friends know about this great serves!

SaviorsSoul :)

xGee0h said:
I've seen some pretty nice kills last couple days but this group has to be the fastest.

Insane Final Boss
1st Bombi

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==== Vouches ====

SirPeon said:
Friendly and willing to teach you the mechanics at the same time while you are helping to kill it. +1

Elba said:
Great service, friendly and fast team :D
Thanks alot, recommended team :)

Lemarroy said:
Ty for you help, excelent service             

wolfskuul said:
Great team!

Steve said:
Fantastic guys to work with! Extremely friendly and helpful with kill. Definitely recommend these guys if you need the kill. :)

ttttttttttt7 said:
Very friendly and helpful, they got it first try and if you're willing to pay I'd definitely recommend them

Brono said:
good kill no problems :D cheap and good sevice thanks alot guys :D

Ice5566 said:
Very clear instruction and fast kill, friendly team too insane RNG for me tho heh +1

Endzeit said:
Fast clean kill. Also cheaper than other teams are offering.

AFKChris said:
Professional, efficient, and extremely friendly.
HIGHLY recommended!

Thanks for getting me my trim cape back !

Ma2k said:
Thanks for the help in getting comp cape back.

Smooth efficient kill, highly recommend this group!

UnicornV said:
Thank you guys, great teamwork and very efficient indeed.

Bigm said:
Great service, got me my kill and even gave me runes when I forgot them :p

Will be using when I can afford Yakamuru.

Insane Final Boss
1st Bombi

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==== Vouches ====

Gary69 said:
Absolutely great team, I'd advise to everyone to go on teamspeak with them, they talk you thru the boss and explain everything.
I'd recommend to everyone who needs this boss for comp back.

Thanks guys

AaronR said:
Very good team, and nice people. I also got Actho boots, well worth it.

10/10 would leech again.

JeffC said:
Thanks again for the kill and allowing me to partake in the fight. Learned a little more about Yaka and hopefully can get myself some kills in the future.

Good team. Would leech again but glad I don't have to!

aWildPokemon said:
Amazing service was super quick and easy no ts required and the team was very kind and helpful would definatly recommend anyone needing a yakamaru kill to come here you'll have your cape back in minutes! Thanks again guys! :)

Lust said:
Very friendly team with clear instructions, would definitely recommend.
Thanks a lot :)

Bowi said:
These guys have helped me getting my trim back for a decent pric :D Mature and trustworthy group of lads, 10/10 would recommend

Weeman said:
ty for kill

PerrinAlvar said:
Great service - these guys know what they are doing and will make sure that you clean up those pesky completionist reqs. Thanks!

Kaayleigh said:
Popular it seems and have to wait a bit but definitely worth every penny =)

Kadett said:
Great service and a smooth kill. Tyvm for the kill, 10/10 would recommend.

Tiara said:
Amazing team very kind and friendly, i would highly recommend using this service!

Insane Final Boss
1st Bombi

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==== Vouches ====

Pkercaves said:
Great team right here! Kind and very friendly people. Thanks so much to everyone involved... Smooth kills indeed 10/10.

ZowloZ said:
Great service, really easy to understand what you need to do as a leecher ;) 10/10

Would recommend to everyone, who cant get kill(s) or just need leech(es). :D

Great job guys! ^_^ :D

juliajul2 said:
Great raids teams fast kills thanks much :)

PyraTheAegis said:
Very friendly and helpful and the price is very cheap! 12/10 would use this team again. :)

KeyKode said:
This team is great! Very helpful and friendly! Thank you so much! Got my comp cape! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Would definitely use these guys again!

Blessive said:
got kill smoothly and they are very friendly and helpful Amazing Highly Recommend These guys Are 100% Legit

Asaigod said:
Very nice and patient team. Awesome leeching service. Easily worth the money and the ~ 6 hours of waiting (lol). Will definitely apply here again should more raid bosses will be released in the future.

Osga said:
Thanks for the kill. I recommend

Rhylan said:
Vouch for Saturn and friends, Very professional group of people. I leeched the entire raid for my completionist cape back in a timely fashion. The kills were smooth and informative. 10/10 would recommend

SoTouchy said:
Vouch for Saturn, M ark, and friends. Nice quick easy kill. Thanks ladies * gents.
~|~ Boss Leeching Service ~|~

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==== Vouches ====

Dsdtaker said:
Smooth kills and friendly people who explain clearly what you need to do. Definitely vouching for these guys, highly recommend them.

And gratz on the gloves btw!

Demin said:
Really efficient kills and a guaranteed successful kill for both bosses with clear instructions on what to do. Also one of the cheapest out there, definitely recommend this team! Thanks for helping me get comp back ;)

LoliChest said:
Thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work. Easy and painless kills. :)

ClaudioTidus said:
very nice guys! u doing great! 10/10

GoodNap said:
Excellent service, highly recommended !

ClaudioTidus said:
very nice guys! u doing great! 10/10

BILLY said:
ty for the kills guys

Zae said:
Hey, thanks for the kills!

Got my comp back completely painlessly, very professional service

Also managed to get t90mage gloves/boots, lucky team! :)!

Popoyoi said:
Thank you very much for the kills! Amazing team! Didn't fail a single kill and was finished very quickly. Big hugs to everyone who helped! <3
Would recommend to anyone who needs kills for a good price.
Would come again for more kills if I ever needed to.

SeanConnery said:
Great team well worth the cash. Quick and easy kills, will be back again when new raids come out.

Liebay said:
Thanks for the help guys. Excellent help and service - will for sure recommend you to others. :)

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LeeM said:
Thanks for the kills., very helpful and kind, explained anything whenever asked. Will recommend.

fkndegens said:
Thanks again, vouch 100% lol, was actually great fun and laid back. :)

LeeM said:
Thanks for the kills., very helpful and kind, explained anything whenever asked. Will recommend.
Blubzor said:
Thanks for the kills and the puzzle, very patient and skilled group off people. If you want to get your comp cape back fast and easy chose these guys.

Lotte65 said:
Ty team for helping me get my cape back.Very good team,use them if they have time to help you:-)

Starcraft455 said:
Great team, very coordinated, would definitely recommend.

Thanks again guys!

Majzako said:
Thanks for helping me recomp, really friendly team with competitive pricing.

IcyDragon said:
Tysm =) got my cape back and will recommend you to every1


SantaFrost said:
Made the whole thing effortless for me, thank you guys.

ORS said:
Excellent service, would recommend ;)

Foxxo said:
Ty for kills, great service c:

Nofx said:
Thanks for the kill, got me in a team very quickly and were willing to match lower prices I had been offered. They made everything very simple and easy.

MissApril said:
Thank you for yaka kill :)

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==== Vouches ====

Zoeeeee said:
Great service, very patient, didn't rage when I died or a second time when I disconnected :L Reasonable price, would recommend.

Thanks for the kills :)

Oxytozin said:
Great Service, Explanation and price! Recommend!

TullaKiller said:
They are the best clear easy and simple for sure i'll recommend ty again guys :)

OBS: **** YOU JAGEX for make reqs that you can't do alone and need much other ppls.

KapottePot said:
2 words.. My hero's! If you need a leech. You need to be at Saturn, Great job! Ty and your team :D

LunarReisen said:
Excellent kill for both
! :D Highly recommend this service if anyone needs a Durzag/Yakamaru leech! Also, the team did a great job on the instructions! :D


Waite92 said:
Got both boss kills, would recommend this service.

Jondefrance said:
Terrific group of people, insanely patient and dedicated to getting the task done. Wouldn't think of recommending anyone else for the job. They stayed up excessively late just to ensure the Raid was completed, it would've been so easy to simply say "We can continue this another time, sorry." Instead, they stuck it out and did wonders.

Easily a 10/10, no doubt in my mind.

SummerEnds said:
very good team & well organized , thanks

SuperSanta said:
Awesome group, no issues at all, fast kills :D

HeyItsRyan said:
Amazing team, got both kills first try with no issues. Totally worth it and recommended!

Insane Final Boss
1st Bombi

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