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Mod Paul M

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RuneScape 3 Q&A

Hi guys,

In Next week’s RuneScape 3 behind the scenes, I’ll have the pleasure of firing questions at some of the senior developers behind RuneScape 3.

First thing Monday morning (June 10th) I’ll be collecting together the best, the most interesting and if they’re not too offensive, the funniest questions that you guys suggest on this thread between now and then.

The Behind the Scenes video will then go live on our RuneScape channel on Wednesday 12th June. RuneScape YouTube Channel

Here’s who we get to pummel with a hammer made of questions.

  • Mod Mark – Design Director of RuneScape, knower of RuneScape’s past, present and future.

  • Mod Pips – Exec Producer for RuneScape and knower of just about everything else.

  • Mod Conor – Senior Project Manager and BTS RuneScape 3 tech guru.

There’s someone there to answer just about any RuneScape 3 question you could possibly have so bring ‘em on. =)

All I ask is that they’re RuneScape 3 related, that you ask just one question at a time and that your questions don’t come in the form of mini novels. ;)

Ok, fire away!

Paul M

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El Rahvin

El Rahvin

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When will RS3 be playable? I am seriously worried when I hear about a launch this summer (in 1 or 2 months).

It still takes about 10-15 seconds to render the whole environment when logging in or after teleporting, the camera turns at an abnormal rate, and its laggy as hell....
on a new macbook pro with retion, which exceeds the requirements for RS3 easily.

05-Jun-2013 12:09:36

Lay Z
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Lay Z

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Are there any plans on implementing some kind of money/item sink so it would be worth killing certain bosses / monsters and doing certain activities in runescape again. it would blossum up the game allot and make people eager to do different things in the game


05-Jun-2013 16:37:23



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Will RS3 be able to be ran off of intel hd 3000 anytime soon cause i get a inconsistant fps drop and i heard Intel hd 3000 dosent render opengl well was wondering if this will be fixed?

05-Jun-2013 16:38:06



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Will RS3 work better with other things on the internet by the time it launches? The lag when playing RS3 with Youtube in the other window is astronomical.
Fullblown non-playing lurker since 26/06/17. May come back if both the devs and the MTX team get their bloody act together.

05-Jun-2013 16:38:09

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Will RS3 revamp the bank system, to give it a more dynamic system than it is currently is? It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. ~Herman Melville

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Zoli Ben

Zoli Ben

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1, In the Art Team Q&A, you have said that at least some areas of the game would be graphically updated with the release of RuneScape 3.
2, You have spoken about having lighting improved so gradually, yet the only places that are affected are places that have lighting detail on the main game. There are no lighting at all in areas such as North Varrock, Port Sarim Jail, Desert Quarry, elven lands... Would this be fixed with the actual release of RuneScape 3?
3, Can you confirm that RuneTek 7 is basically the html5 engine?

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