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Hey guys,

I’m really excited to announce that we’ve recently launched a brand new Knowledge Base which is replacing the existing Support Centre.

It’s important to note that it’s still in BETA so there’s more to do and you should expect to see changes and improvements as time goes on. We’ll also be keen to read and, where possible, implement any feedback you may have.

We embarked on this journey some time ago now and have been working on a new solution based off of the feedback you’ve all provided on the Forums, in game and on Social Media. We’ve designed it so it’s easier to navigate, easier to read and most importantly easier to use. We’ve got some new features too, such as hot & promoted articles, a dedicated place for support specific updates, a brand new search system and more.

In an ideal world you’ll never need to contact us, but when things go wrong or you need a helping hand you can now browse a whole bunch of helpful articles and advice and ultimately contact our 24/7 Customer Support team should you need to send us a message.

Thanks and I look forward to reading your feedback!

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03-Feb-2016 15:13:47

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Woo :).

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03-Feb-2016 15:24:13

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Cleric Rohan said:
Could you make a proper linky please?

Thank you :)

Click "Support" at the top when you are logged in and it should take you directly to the updated Support Centre. :)

03-Feb-2016 17:46:07

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Only had a brief shufti so far but oh my word it's looking so much better than it used to.

As one of the Technologically Impaired, I'm so happy that it has been written in a manner I can comprehend.

Well done, thank you and I'm looking forward to exploring it properly soon.
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03-Feb-2016 19:37:33

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