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(Latin for 'Beginnings') is a newly formed clan that invites all P2P players to become members! Started by a group of long time friends, we see this clan fit for anyone looking to skill together, socialize, go on PvM trips, and the whole nine! While many specific-type clans thrive, we believe that an all-around clan is best for the community and makes for great fun on RS.

*Clan Discord channel*

Only requirements are:

-Be a runescape member
-No bashing on people
-No racism

Capping at Citadel is not required but it is encouraged as we hope to become a tier 7 citadel.

Ranking system*

-1 Banana: Recruit
-Bronze star: 25m xp in clan
-Silver star: 100m xp in clan
-Gold star: 200m xp in clan

**We are currently seeking 4 more admins for now

*Being a newly formed clan, as we grow in members and in formality, the ranking system is subject to change. Anyone in the clan prior to the rank change will be locked in their current rank and will go up from there.

If you feel this clan is right for you, pm any of the admins (key ranks), enter as guest, or simply reply in this thread (preferred method) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for stopping by :)
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Arsonist - To be fair to all clans, each clan is only permitted to have one thread open in the Clan Recruitment forums at a time. At the time of writing this post, it appears your clan has two: this thread, along with your thread within the Social & Community Clans forum. Because of the rule, only one of these can remain open.

It appears that your clan has been mainly using the one within the Social & Community Clans forum as the recruitment thread of choice, along with it stating that "This clan is primarily social based, so we encourage and invite all no matter how pro or not-so-pro you are. " It appears that the thread in that forum does indeed fit your clan's overall goals best. For that reason, that thread has been left open, whereas this copy of the thread has been closed to ensure there is only one thread open for the clan.

Thanks for understanding and good luck with your clan recruitment.

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