I•I•• The AFKers ••I•I

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Ms aASHSteel
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Ms aASHSteel

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I•I•• The AFKers ••I•I

We Are probably AFK, but come join Us!

I•I (A)Social & Community Clan I•I
•If you are interested , looking for Supported casual playing time
•A quiet relaxed place to play and enjoy playing at your own pace
•Nothing is mandatory but capping is always appreciated
•Non Elitist, Arrogant, or Boastful Environment
•Helpful community base
•A Respectful atmosphere
Then We are a perfect hub!!

I•I About The AFKers I•I

The AFKers is a clan open to EVERYONE. We have no combat or total level requirements.
We're simply looking for peaceful, respectful and friendly players who love to play RuneScape. And Also .... Love to AFK ^.^
I•I We Have A Discord and ask all Member's to join Our server I•I
I•I Open For Guest, Join "The AFKers" in game clan chat I•I
If interested in Joining The AFKers -
Please join our Clan-chat for a invite or ADD myself (Ms aASHSteel), When All Day, & Vendyy for an invite as well
Hope to see you soon.
~ The AFKers Staff
Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
The AFKers

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Ms aASHSteel
Oct Member 2004

Ms aASHSteel

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Recruit Default
Corporal - 50 points or participating in 4 Events/Competitions
Sergeant - 150 points or participating in 20 Events/Competitions
Lieutenant - 300 points or Hosted 50 Events/ Competitions
Captain - 600 points or Hosted 100 Events/ Competitions
Admin - 1200 points or Hosted 300 Events/ Competitions
Organiser - Helps "Stars" host events, Gives them time/place and adds it to event calendar. -> Has 99 in said skilling competition. Has 100 kills in said boss events (special rules will be added)
Coordinator - Has helped organised over 200 events
Overseer - Has helped organised over 500 events/ Core Helper
Deputy Owner - Voted in by Leadership, ACTUALLY helps run the clan. 1. Recruit(Rarely) 2. Rank up members and keep spreadsheet up to date.
3. Helps the chat stay alive and clean. 4. Makes an effort with the New members to feel welcome,accomplish their goals.

How to Gain Points
1 point for:
Hosting PvM event
Attending PvM event

Hosting PvM Competition
Participating in PvM Competition

Hosting Skilling Competition
Participating in Skilling Competition

Hosting Minigame Event
Participating in Minigame Event
5 points for capping
10 points For:
Winning PvM Competition
Wining Skilling Competition

If; A competition last over 24hrs
1 point will be reward for each 24 hour period.
Special rules applied, Such as - Signing up for 7days competition
and only participating for 1 day will not award 7 points.
Minimum 2M Xp had to be gained to be eligible for points.
Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
The AFKers

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