Aurora Armour

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Aurora Armour

Purchase any new 3 month RuneScape member subscription package between 1st June and 31st of July to bag yourself the awe-inspiring aurora armour!

Aurora Armour

Inspired by the rising of the sun, the glorious set of cosmetic overrides embodies this powerful display and comes with the aurora blade, a longsword override similarly adorned with a sun motif and alight with a flame effect.

As long as you make a new 3 month package purchase via any method where this option is available (with a few exceptions), you’ll receive your armour - including credit card, PayPal or redeeming a red 90/100 day RuneScape pre-paid game card.

The set's a great accompaniment to the solarius shield - available through Solomon's General Store.

This offer begins 1st June 00:00 GMT and ends 31st of July 23:59 GMT – don’t forget, not only do you get this stunning armour; your membership is activated for the next 3 months!

For all your questions, head over to the FAQ here.

The RuneScape Team

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Aurora Armour FAQ

How can I get hold of the Aurora armour?

To get hold of the fiery aurora armour, just grab three months of membership through any payment method before the 31st July!

Which payment methods can I use?

Any payment method which can be used to buy 3 months of membership at once, including: credit card, PayPal, PayByCash, Pre-Paid Game Card (Red), iDeal and more! Check out the billing payment page to see all of the options available in your country.

Note that PayBySMS/Boku cannot be used to pay for 3 months of membership, so isn’t eligible for this promotion.

I’ve paid for 3 months of membership automatically through my subscription, but I don’t have the armour!

The aurora armour is only granted to players who start a new subscription – having your subscription re-bill you for three months will not award the outfit.

I’m on a one month/six month subscription – can I have the armour?

The aurora outfit is only granted to players who set up a three month subscription, so buying one, six or twelve month packages won’t grant the outfit. Don’t worry – three months is easy to set up by heading to the billing payment page! Hit the three month package, set up your payment, and your aurora armour will be waiting! Any membership already purchased will be stacked on top, and your loyalty rate and loyalty programme will remain unchanged.

Do I need to cancel my one month/six month subscription when I buy a three month one?

No – as soon as you set up a new subscription, your old subscription will be automatically cancelled and the new one will replace it.

I bought 3 months of membership, but I can’t find my aurora armour!

The armour can be found in the Customisation Interface – under full outfits - or you can choose to equip each piece individually. For extra info on how to don your fancy new armour, be sure to check the handy link here.

What does the outfit consist of?

You’ll get the aurora helm, body, legs, gauntlets and boots. You’ll also get the mighty aurora longsword – a single handed blade with the rising sun at its hilt and a flame effect!

What happens if I don’t grab the outfit by the 31st July?

Don’t worry, we’ll not leave you high and dry! In the future, the aurora armour will become available as a separate purchase through Solomon's Store.

Of course, the best way to get your hands on the armour is to subscribe for three months before the end of July and get it for free!

Are there any payment methods that don't work?

The Aurora Armour is currently available through all payment methods that offer a 3 month membership purchase!

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All go to this QFC 309-310-301-65005882 and support the Petition to make the Aurora set free for Gold members!

Let me guess...

Premier members needs to buy extra membership to gain the armour???

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You forgot to mention.

"If you bought the Premium gold membership you will get this automatically, because there's no way we can ask you to buy another 3 months of mem when you already bought 12 months.."

Not that I even want that ugly armour, just saying that's an important clause to leave out.

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