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Today is the day! If youíve been a part of Sizzling Summer and been a member for every day of August, today you will receive a promissory note from us, directly into your inventory. If you donít have the space, please clear a slot in your inventory and log back in to receive the note. There will be a prompt on log-in to tell you that the item is available to you. Please also note that some players may not receive the item until later in the day, as it will take a number of hours for us to award it to all eligible players.
Click on it in your inventory to open up the Bank of XP and claim your 350,000 XP. Your XP will be applied through lamps (accessible only through the Bank of XP, rather than your inventory), which are for varying amounts and have minimum level requirements for whichever skill you are wishing to apply it to. This is so you canít accidentally apply 350k XP to one skill and suddenly find yourself having skipped through levels unintentionally! You will still be able to apply multiple lamps to the same skill if you wish, though.
Weíre only halfway done, though, so donít forget that youíve got until midnight tonight (GMT) to purchase membership for our scorching September session of Sizzling Summer! If youíve been a member throughout August be sure to keep your membership running until the end of September to guarantee that you get your hands on over 1 million XP and Choose Your Fate: four of the most powerful items ever seen in RuneScape.
If you're slightly late to the Sizzling Summer party, never fear Ė even if you havenít been eligible for Sizzling Summer so far, sign up for September now to be eligible for a roasting-hot raft of Sizzling September rewards. Just make sure to do it by midnight tonight (GMT) so you donít miss out on all those summer goodies!
And finally, if you should have received the note but it's nowhere to be seen, we've got a handy thread in the Billing forum with what to do first, and how to get extra help - click here to go straight there.
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