Keepsaked Item Bug/Issue

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Jul Member 2019


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I don't know where else to post this. I sent bug reports, I posted on Reddit, so, here I am, trying again.

A while back, I keepsaked a Lucky eagle-eye kiteshield. Now, generally ALL keepsaked items, whether F2P or P2P, can be used on F2P worlds. Case in point, my Lucky bandos chestplate works fine, as well as all of my skillcapes and other member-only items I have keepsaked over the years. But apparently, the aforementioned kiteshield isn't allowed as an override in F2P. I tried to activate it, and it just vanishes, reverting to the previous shield override I was using at the time. For a while, I had no idea what was causing the issue, but after I recently came back to members' worlds, I tested it and it worked. It works on P2P servers ONLY, when it should be usable on ALL servers as a cosmetic override.

I have no clue who to contact to get this issue resolved(or where to post this), but I would greatly appreciate a fix for this issue, or at the very least, a key refund(go ahead and remove the item if this is the preferred solution, obviously). Had I known that this particular item(and maybe the other dunge shields, who knows) can't be used in F2P after keepsaking, I wouldn't have keepsaked it in the first place. And there was no way of knowing. This problem isn't mentioned by anyone, anywhere, aside from this post and the Reddit post I made a couple weeks ago.

To reiterate, my keepsaked Lucky eagle-eye kiteshield cannot be activated on F2P servers when it should work like everything else, and I would like confirmation that it would either be looked into, or, alternatively a Keepsake key refund along with removal of the item in question from my keepsake box or whatever it's called.

Thanks, and sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I sent bug reports, but I doubt those will do anything as this isn't at all a common issue.
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