RSHD Dragon Weaponry

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So, I've been thinking over it. Forget "Retro" dragon weaponry. The thing I want most is the RSHD model dragon weaponry to come back.

These are the only pics of the RSHD models I can find on google. Look at them. They're beautiful. The blades look like tongues of fire, referencing their Dragon namesake. The weapons looked beautifully combat efficient and not like some plastic toys. They even have hilts. HILTS! The current dragon weapons look awful. Could we have these back? I'd be such a happy boy.
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22-Aug-2017 20:01:54

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Supporting more retro items, as always =) @Lisaa_RS - Followed by @Runescape
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24-Aug-2017 15:00:51

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But alas, since when did J-mods ever care about the stuff we want?

No, their main concern is bringing shit like Shadow outfits back and releasing E-date worthy outfits these days.
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25-Aug-2017 22:55:10

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I support

they were nice looking weapons, that actually looked like something you'd find in reality, something that would perform properly in reality.. a drygore longsword, would be a rather awkward thing to utilise in battle!

27-Aug-2017 22:33:06

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