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Hey there! This is my first time using the forums so please don't hit me too hard, I was checking the store hoping to find something for free (doesn't everyone) and it kind of dawned on me that loyalty points are limited in uses in terms of spending compared to runecoins.

Anybody else think it'd be useful to convert loyalty points to runecoins or ingame gold? don't get me wrong its nice to have them.. but it seems like it'd be a nice idea to have extra cash from those loyalty points racking up.

Just chucking it here, can yay or nay either way, i'll probably just buy a teddy bear with the points!
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17-Jul-2019 11:37:40

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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yeah... not going to happen. Jagex needs to make money from it to actually make changes to the system.

I would advise you to buy auras with your loyalty points.
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17-Jul-2019 13:43:12



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They make money from membership when people get loyalty points. If there's not enough to buy with loyalty points racking up every month, what's the point of them?

Support for past holiday items for loyalty points! ;)

I'd also support a conversion rate for LP to RC, and vice versa, if other people want to discuss that!

Edit: now that I think about it, I wouldn't support a conversion for RC to Loyalty, as then people could just skip membership and buy loyalty points, which defeats the purpose. So I only support converting extra LP into Runecoins.
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I had almost 1.5M loyalty points at one… point in time, until I decided to just keep a few (200k or so) for new stuff should something get released that I really want, and spent the rest on auras for skills that at the time weren't max yet.

Either way, if you ever plan on going for 200M xp, these auras will help a great deal.

Oh, as for the gp suggestion: No.
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