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~Updated quality for current hairstyles

~Pants for women !!! my main pants overrides are from Thessalia

~Brain hairstyle being made avaliable to women

~The very dress from the Valkyrie event.

~The ability to wear white, like that same dress.


~A free pet for ironmen only, that can be kept as long as they are ironmen, that is an iron suit of armour, with 'BTW' stamped on it. Maybe they get it at 1k total level, or their first 99.

~The option to not see other players pets (really annoying dragons hovering loudly above you when you are trying to skill) (thanks for those really annoying pets btw)

~A purpose for follower/companion pets. An example being basic follower pets performing one pre-determined ability that legendary pets can, limiting to 3x a day, so people without legendary pets might want to upgrade. I am constantly telling clannies/friends how much effort my Water Lycan saves me on slayer tasks.

Thanks for reading this. Probably too much to ask on the pets part, gotta dream bigger than the dragon pets.

30-Mar-2019 02:08:27

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