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- Retro armours: Dragonhide, Castle Wars decorative sets (if the player owns the actual matching item), Dragon weapons, White/Initiate/Proselyte armor, and other commonly used sets fro the past
- Any type of neck slot overrides (scarves, badges, amulets with a letter on them, etc.). This slot doesn't get many new additions
- More simple outfits instead of bulky armour
- Outfits that closely match ingame bosses like the Nex & KBD outfits

- I would love to see current item pets moved to the interface and given an override option. I feel there are enough pets at the moment and time should be given to do this for the existing ones

- I feel this section in the ingame interface needs more sorting options. Maybe split them into categories like: Unlocked through gameplay, Loyalty Point titles, titles that come with cosmetic overrides, etc.

- Retro animations: Death animation override, emotes, etc.
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