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After seeing the variety of magic and lore that Runescape has (which is great), but I can't help but feel that there is no real distincion between Wizards (players) in the game and everyone is like "locked" as an Elementalist that controls the powers of Nature through the 4 elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire which, for a game as big a this and with such a creative staff, doesn't feel right.

I'd like to suggest a way to change our spells/abilities animations (just the looks) and turn our character in the Warlock/Priest/Paladin/Necromancer/Druid that we've always dreamed of (outside of cosmetic overrides).

Some ideas:

New Packs at the Shop
: Themed Packs that contain animation spell/abilities animations. For example: Turn the red flames of Combustion and Dragon Breath into a hellish green color or a bat swarm (like the emote), the elemental ball created through Omnipower could be changed into a ball of light, the projectiles of Wild Magic would look like Birds (ideal for a Druid) that fly towards the enemy. Instead of a glowing projectile make it a skull, an animal, a spear of light, etc.

Maybe even make some unlockable through the gameplay.

New ways to channel your magic
: Something outside Wands and Staves. I'm a big fan of channeling magic through Hands or Items (some sort of spellcasting focus), for example: Having a Flaming Hands override for your Staff or an Incense Burner with a chain hanging instead of be holding a wand.

3).- Combat stances (optional)

Similar as what the upcoming Weapon Diversity tries to accomplish, I think that Magic should be wild, changing and a way of expression. Having more diversity when it comes to Magic would make the whole experience of "casting spells" more unique for every player (also cool).

Thanks for reading

P.S: I made a thread on the Suggestion Forum but I think it fits more here. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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