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1) I support for retro mystic robes.

2) Im still waiting to be able to use my inari / phoenix eggling pets as skin overrides for one of my legendy pets

3) what about returning some past temp, events rewords as items on solomon' s like Tiger / Lion / Jaguar / Snow leopard cub for pets.

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For starters, an update to the SGS UI - being able to hide purchased items.

Some people have a good portion of the store claimed/purchased. It would be nice to filter those items out.

Invention Skilling Animation: Balloon Animal Tying

Instead of the puff of cloud you currently see, the player instead ties balloon animals with the audio.

Combat Ability Animations

- would require creating a new section in the customization interface
- would need to add the Thok Headbutt from the Daemonheim Task Set
Potential abilities:
- Ancient Metamorphosis - during Metamorphosis, player takes on the look of Blood, Ice, Smoke, and Shadow
- Nomad's Disintegrate - player uses his animation in place of Omnipower
- Surf - replaces Surge, player looks like they surf to a location
- Moia's Shadow Teleport - replaces Surge like abilities with Moia's shadowy teleport
- Tidal Pool - replaces Hurricane ability with a tidal pool look
- Abilities that use effects like "combust" - the various puffs of fire are replaced by Water Droplets hitting them
- Sand Magic - replaces the normal Earth Spells with Sand Looking spells

PVP Animation

- Death By Fruit - When the opponent dies, you cast a spell on them, transforming their body into a pile of fruit. Banana, apple, orange, peach, pineapple, and watermelons can be seen in the pile.

Factional Tattoos

Some of the factions are under represented in the whole fashionscaping department.
Players would be able to unlock cosmetic looking tattoos that use the iconography of whatever faction they like.

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Cosmetic override for:
Head Slot
Body Slot
Leg Slot

Players can have tattoos for their factions/gods.
They would use the existing factional banners/icons.

Head slot:
Head (overrides hair, leaves player bald while showing tattoo)

Body Slot:
Chest (men)
Stomach (women)
Back (both genders)
Front + Back
Arms (biceps)

Left Leg only
Right Leg only
Both Legs

Possible Pets

Rioting Mob - A follower pet that looks like a group of small people carrying torches, pitchforks, and a sign "W66". They'll occasionally say they don't like whatever activity it is you are doing.

Rest Animation

End of the World Rest Animation
The player simply sits down with a cardboard sign that says "The End is Near" or "The End of the World is Coming" (sort of like the signs you see those ... unbalanced people ... wearing on street corners declaring the end of the world).
The player would have a rather sullen look on their face as they hold the board/sign.

The sign could even flip thru several themes:
- Tuska
- Xau-Tak
- Update (ie: The Update is Coming, The Update is Near)
- Panic Sell: x (ie: Panic Sell Wands!, Panic Sell Everything!)

Other Skilling Animations

- The Salting animation from the Slime Event (Nov 2018). To cook, just add a pinch of salt?
- Herb Cleaning animation - something to spice up the look when you're cleaning herbs
- Leather Crafting animation - new look when you're crafting leather/dragonhide
- Glassmaking animation - something to give a new look when blowing glass

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Godless Faction Cosmetic Overrides

The Godless faction has been ignored by the fashion industry in game.
Something in the weapons.
something in the armor look.
The "factional tattoos" bit I suggested a moment ago.

Factional Banners

Remember the Zamorak and Saradomin Banners from World Event 1? (probably have to go to the Wiki ... )
They were a Cape Slot item.
Had the image of the faction on it. Over the last few years, you've added a few other cosmetic of this type as well.

Players could now proudly display a banner of their faction in their cape slot.

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