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This might be a lil niche, and maybe it's not even worth asking for, but I'd love to see more options for (appropriately priced) accessories in SGS. For example: I think hooves would be a wonderful addition. We have the Demonflesh outfit sporting a pair, and the satyr outfit as well, but the footwear of the satyr outfit has the outline of regular boots, styled to resemble hooves, rather than actually transforming your feet. Another option would be more choices for tails. Maybe a tail that resembles a snake? Maybe one of those stereotypical arrow-shaped demon tails? SGS could add these sorts of options in packs like they did with the elf ears. I think more accessories, rather than full outfits (and priced accordingly; those elf ears are a little expensive) would be quite lovely.

06-Aug-2019 08:28:11

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