New long hair option for M/F

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I think this would be a great addition to the (albiet) extensive list of hairstyles we have. In fact, we only have one option for long hair, that is the default option hairstyle we've had in the game for so many years, i think its time for a change!

I would love if we either got remodel for this hairstyle or an option to buy a new long hairstyle from sgs. It doesn't need to be anything as extensive as say, violets hair from the violet is blue quest. But something more modern than we have now.

As for clipping issues, i can't really see a way out of that unless the hairstyle is in such a way that clipping is minimal, even with capes. :)

21-Jul-2019 11:31:30

The Fate of
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The Fate of

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I'm all for it. If absolutely nothing else, the hairstyles that Wendy and Aggie have should be an option; they've been in the game for a very long time. It might clip a bit, but that's fine.

26-Jul-2019 19:19:10

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Support! The default long hair have outdated textures. I use the Prifddinas Noble hairstyle, but it's not that long really.

There's an interesting hairstyle that comes with the Nautilus crown, but unfortunately the crown permanently sticks to the hair and cannot be removed.

27-Jul-2019 14:43:29

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