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Puma de la P
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Puma de la P

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I propose much more than this.

This is the only result for "tattoo."

But cursory research shows that tattoos were a huge part of the ancient world, especially the peoples who surrounded Stone Henge.

I think tattoos should be a major new skill. Existing useful skills like creating dyes could be integrated. Players could have tattoo shops in their houses. "Skins" a la Fortnite but done the OSRS way.

My first post here by the way. When I played originally guilds used Yahoo Groups mostly, if that tells you anything. Anyway, not sure if this is OSRS or RS3 you're talking about, but this is my idea: we have a new skill for members or not, idc about that part, called tattoo or something. It should tie in heavily with religion and magic. Players should be able to cover themselves head to toe in tattoos. As to how the tattoos could be drawn, well, that's calling for a huge piece of software I assume, some kind of in-game design studio for those with certain levels of the skill. Allows them to create the designs and sell them. Makes it much harder for anyone to steal, and also allows for a wide variety.

It should require some important things, and maybe should only be available above a certain overall skill level.

Just a thought. I like your idea, but I think it can be a totally bigger addition. I searched "tattoo" and this was the only post that came up. I think as long as the design aspect polices for the banned type of pixels then it would add more unique color to individual players. Something they can wear everywhere they go, too, like clothes, which is cooler than owning a house, but owning a house should probably be required. Should be a big deal to be a tattoo artist, is what I'm saying. Could make it costly to develop the designs, the cost being paper and ink, and to protect the economy they might have to regulate what can be charged player-to-player. Artists could trade a little IOU type thing when selling their tattoo, then they could be come tradeable..

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While I thank you for the input, I was only aiming for the cosmetic aspect of it. Afterall, this is the Solomon's Store sub-forum.
If you want to propose a new skill, might want to try the Game Suggestions forum.

Personally, I'm not for it to be a new 'skill'

08-Jul-2019 11:54:50

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