Scams when Earning RuneCoins

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Hot Sola Aoi
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I know this is not intentional by Jagex since the service is provided by others. But due to the fact that it is linked to these websites through the official RuneScape Solomon's Store, I believe that Jagex should have a look into it.

I was doing some of those activities to earn some RuneCoin while afking RS. One of the links I clicked on, which is called "Brainer", from "Superrewards" requires the user to register, which is normal. Upon entering my email address, which is some 10-minutes email address, it requires me to enter my credit card number, its expiry date and its CVV (the three-digit number) for a "7-days free trial of IQ test". This clearly is a scam as no way a legit company would want this much info (especially the CVV). With this much of info, they can use the credit card whenever and whatever they want.

What is even more terrible is that it's linked from the legit RS page, not a fishing site. If a kid, or anyone, typed in the real info, whether it's theirs or their parents', they can lose real-world money.

Would any Jmods plz look into it? If you need any prove, I have screen caps of both the Solomon store and the scamming page. The link to the pics will be at below.

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Mister Ruse
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I won't speak for this company, but many legitimate companies do ask for all that info. Netflix trial asks for all that for example. It's so once the trial ends they can start charging you (assuming you don't cancel before the trial is up).

Like I said this company could very well steal and use/sell your card info, but it is common practise for pretty much any company offering a trial for a paid service.

11-Sep-2016 01:59:15

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To be honest I just checked the offers today and its cancerous. Many of them say things like "cancellation of subscriptions or use of false information will result in runecoins being revoked and your account being banned."

the app download offers are gone and so many of these just look like data miners to me. Havn't done a single one, nor would I ever recommend doing one.

If it offers a decent amount of runecoins its either a purchase needed, or a scam and if its a low amount of runecoins you're getting data mined for basically nothing.

I know that its arguable that this is not Jagex's doing but honestly they are allowing it on their site so as far as I am concerned they are just as guilty. Two options really, give them what they want and pay money for runecoins or live without the paid overrides.

hate to necro a post but i didn't want to create a new topic just to rant about something jagex will never read.
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17-Mar-2017 20:58:55

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I guarantee you they never got their runecoins from Superrewards because the company is going to run the credit card information she gave before paying out the runecoins & find out it's fake.

Not today scammer, not today!!!
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23-Aug-2017 06:31:13

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All of them are NOT scams.... i have made an email to use just for them.. I get pd out on every Survey i do on peanut labs sure i dont qualify for all i try for but i have gotten over 15,000 runecoins over 3 accounts. I have gotten 90 percent of my stuff off solomons with this method.

Peanut lab surveys are the only ones i get to pay out. I have never had to put in credit or debit card info for those surveys. I use an email only for that purpose and when i do put in my phone number if i get 1-800 calls i put them on ignore so when they call it does not come thru.

Also on peanut labs if you scroll down there is one lowest rewards.. if you need 1 or 2 runecoins to finish a purchase... there are many that want you to read about illnesses or go thru a slide show. I have done these when i need 1 or 2 coins so i dont have to purchase another bond.

Sure i have not qualified.. one thing you can do.. make sure the first small survey .. your profile is same as the info you put into the qualify survey. if the information does not match most of the time you will not qualify at all. Still sometime you wont qualify thats just life.

Every 2 weeks i usually go thru the peanut lab ones and get 3-6 hundred runecoins been doing this since july 2016.

Hope some of this helps.
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23-Aug-2017 13:22:02

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I know this is old but Ive tried 3 peanut labs surveys and all three have just stopped and opened pop-ups with 30k more offers even though the survey initially says 1-10 minutes to complete. It never finishes and the main page showing the progress closes...

31-Jul-2019 01:00:36

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