Retro White Armor?

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Why does the replica metal plate armor have options for bronze-rune but not white, Jagex? Do you hate the white knights? Are you a Zamorakian cult set on bringing chaos to my white armor-less wardrobe? What am I supposed to wear to match my quest cape and white top hat (I don't actually have a white top hat, only black and blue, but if I had white armor to match with it I'd get one)?

Semi-insane ranting aside, I ask you as a level 120 master of the Fashion skill (I should make a suggestion for that too), is there any chance that a white color could be added to the replica metal plate armor?

24-Jun-2015 21:26:52

The Red Bird
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The Red Bird

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I support this 100%. It's a shame that they forgot about white when they made the override, but, with the Falador update they've talked about, maybe now is a good time to throw us the old white armour?

(And maybe, if you really love us, Jagex, Gilded Armour override?)

31-Aug-2015 17:29:07

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