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Take your pick of questions

1) Could it be allowed for Players to run Rooftop Courses in the opposite direction? Would make courses seem more cyclical and fun.

2) If we get the Quest Cape would we have most (if not all) requirements settled for MM2 besides the undisclosed Slayer requirement?

3) Could we make an unfinished dynamite barrel so we can make dynamite easierbafter our Juniper Coal has processed?

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Can you fix it so the Slayer Helm boost actually works when attacking the Respiratory Systems at the Abyssal Sire? They're necessary to kill to actually progress through the boss (unlike the Tentacles at Kraken), so the Slayer Helm buff should apply when attacking them. Currently it takes 5-7 minutes to kill the Abyssal Sire and is extremely tedious, making it extremely unrewarding, so anything that could possibly speed it up by even a minute would be helpful.

06-Apr-2016 16:51:13

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When bones are on the ground could they be given a right click option to bury them.

Similar to how logs have the right click option to light them when they are on the ground.

It's different from the Bone Crusher because you still have have to click on the bones and walk over to them to bury them. As opposed to them instantaneously being buried, even at a distance.

This would prevent you from having to drop an item if you want to bury bones with a full inventory.

06-Apr-2016 17:35:24

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