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10-Jun-2019 15:25:32



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Nobody will help you or support you, nor me! You cheated, you got the punishment!
Everyone knows that macroing or using bots to play the game isn't allowed!
Please read this before you play next time!
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10-Jun-2019 19:53:28

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Your bans are between you and Jagex.
The only thing you can do is appeal directly to Jagex, but given your story and Jagex' rules, that's unlikely to be accepted. Nobody here has the ability to help you and I imagine many don't care to either. The forums aren't the place for this.
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Speaking of bans (as my post isn't getting much attention I'll put it here), will I get banned if I used runelite?

I keep hearing great things about it and that it's acceptable by Jagex too but really would like to be sure before I go ahead and use it as my regular client.

10-Jun-2019 20:39:38

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