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Hi, how does connection lost work today? I restarted this week after 7 years break so I am not to date with how that work.

I am only playing via Cellphone App and I am currently farming with Ring of Life because I have unstable wifi connection and I don't trust it at all to be frank lol.

I train Ranging with pretty expensive gear but ideally I would use Archer Ring to benefit every bit of bonus. But due to my connectivity issue I am scared to lose connection and lose everything.

Therefore, I was wondering how does the game react after a connection lost? Does the game immediately quick you out or you remain online until you die?

Ofcourse, I have auto-attack "on" to kill the threat than logout after.. but I am training Slayer and many task require a special post action to kill that monster like Lizard or Rockslug.

So I am curious to know exactly how the game react after a connection lost.

Thank you!

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I don't know the exact way it works, but I know after connection is lost, it can sometimes take up to a minute for the server to kick you off. It is typically pretty fast though. In my experience that is. IF YOU'RE TIRED OF STARTING

06-Jun-2019 23:15:42

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