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The changes on the news post to how emblems will work in BH does make sense and would most likely diminish being able boost them.

However the new points system appears to be vulnerable to the same abuse of boosting...Maybe on somewhat of a smaller scale.. but I doubt it, giving that the loot crate rewards are going to be offering alchables and consistent gp and some must have uniques.

Although as I was scouring through the latest newsposts... IRONMAN won't be able to purchase loot crates through LMS yet they will be able to purchase them through BH?
If this is fixed so that ironman can't get such loot crates, how will they obtain the uniques alternatively? LMS can't be exploited by ironman but the BH store can be? ... I know everything gets abused but to what extent cough*zulrah cough*karamjastore cough*BHironman cough*Jedontheprowel is enough enough.

I see that the gamble does keep people interested in the minigames especially minigames that are as good as dead. But four minigames with random loot crates is beneath any thought.
Some originality would go a hell of a long way and a bit more thought in how we can get a hold of SOME of those items in those loot crates (if we didn't actually wanna PVP) such as the cosmetics...

The grind for cash has to be hard... The grind for uniques has to be truly rewarding.
Not a shop spewing cash out you because you pk 24/7.
Your rewards from what you pk should be rewarding enough (I like the untradable equipment changes) urging players to go deep wildy with a decent amount of risk. But then throw an extra two incomes on top of that to do the exact same activity at the same time seems way overpowered and will be bringing way too much cash into the game

idk if it seems like a rant but it's all light hearted O_o
would like to hear all thoughts on this...

19-Aug-2019 09:15:37

irl pker dib
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irl pker dib

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Why are you crying when PKers get the same things PvMers do? Half these self-entitled PvMers are failed mains who can't even get an Infernal Cape in 2019 lol. L2teamwork and friendships nubnubs.

19-Aug-2019 14:58:10

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