Ruined My First Pure

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So it was my first time doing Monkey Madness, as I have had plenty of friends that did the quest. As I came to the completion of it, I unknowingly went and talked to Dario or however you pronounce his name to collect the experience from the quest. I had two options one for strength and stamina and the other one for defense. As I am a pure I did not select the defense one but instead the strength and stamina. I did not know that this was going to give me defense and I basically ruined my first pure account that I have worked many hours towards fishing and completing various skills that require many hours towards. As you can see I nearly have 90 fishing from barb fishing alone, and that in itself was a grind. If Jagex could rollback my account just literally 1-2 hours before the completion of the quest it would solve all of my problems. I pretty much will never log onto that account anymore and I feel like my account is ruined. All I am asking for a little bit of help and for future reference to other players I think it would make sense to completely remove this option because it is notan option if you get defense anyways. I think it would be best if there was more clarification on this "In Game" so other people do not make the same mistake that I did because I did not watch or look at any quest guides as I did it.

19-Aug-2019 05:58:16

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JaGex won't rollback anything this small, my best advice is don't train any Defence xp, just go on and do all of RFD and its requirements so you can make yourself a Zerker. They're fun and can do a lot more things than a pure.

19-Aug-2019 06:52:48

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