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Im a new member and I have low skills as I am new. I have no clue where to get started. I have tried to do the waterfall quest but get one shot by the gaint and lost everything, I trtied to go to sand crabs and lost everything to the sand crabs :( I dont know what to do to lvl up its agonising getting killed ll the time. Ive spent hours running round to locations which are apparently good for new players but I just get killed instantly.

What can I do, really getting put off with this game as a new player

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mining and smithing would be a good start for you , make your own armour so any losses you take you dont have to worry about also you can sell ores which will make you some starter cash.

easy quests will net you xp in various stats so look up an easy quests list there's lots of them then move on the the medium quests and so on.

once you start netting some money and levels it will make things alot easier , then start slayer for combat levels as it goes pretty fast.

17-Aug-2019 06:43:10

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Whenever you train a combat stat always start off with chickens in lumbridge farm. When you get your stats to lvl 10, move onto cows and get level 20-30. When you feel like you're done there, go kill al-kharid warriors in the palace. You could stay there until level 40, but you'll need a lot of food to train.

A good cheap food is tuna, but if you have money you could buy monkfish. There is a kebab salesman who sells kebabs in al Kharid for 1 gp each, but you need to click through a dialogue each time. After you finish at warriors, you could go to sand crabs. If warriors are too hard for you, you could try monks west of edgeville in the monastery. They heal you if you talk to them so you dont need food. But there are only 3 and they are popular to train on.

Leveling combat is pretty easy when you know how. Sometimes it's better to train up to combat level 40s as f2p. The path I described is going to take you at least a week. Another good quest for you is vampire slayer. The mob is slightly easier to kill, and when you finish the quest you'll get 20 attack.

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My suggestion would be get up combat first so that you are strong enough to deal with monsters that attack(mages near Varrock, highway men, ect)

As suggested before kill chickens to start off with. Cook raw chicken and feathers can be used for fetching.
Then move onto cows.

Woodcutting also good to do as a quick skill to get up. Also it's good to do some free to play quests as well, probably at least all of them.

If you need help feel free to add me :)

18-Aug-2019 11:26:42

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Toggle your quest list to look for f2p quests. Even as a member, these are a good place to start for a low level. All of this activity will be around Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador. This the "f2p area" but will have things to do most appropriate for your level to start. There will also be early level things you can do from Catherby over to Ardougne (thieving, more farming spots, etc).

If you go to Turael in Burthorpe, he will give you beginning level Slayer assignments that will train your combat skills and Slayer with level-appropriate mobs assigned.

Unfortunately, as a truly new player, no one should have been giving you advice to do something like Waterfall quest straight off. People that have played the game before have come up with tricks (including taking friends as meat shields) to take advantage of the melee levels as early as possible. It's not necessary, and that's not something to do if you're new to the game.

18-Aug-2019 20:31:09

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Money and ease of getting around makes the game more fun.

Start farming, its surprisingly profitable and takes little effort.

Agility training can be tedious, but getting to 20 or 30 will make running around a lot easier.
It's easier to avoid enemies when you don't run out of energy.

19-Aug-2019 07:43:47

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Did you complete all of your Adventurer Jon tasks? If you have not I would suggest completing those. You'll get armour and money as well as a better understanding about this game. Entry level skills that can make you money right away would be all of your gathering skills such as Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing. I would also suggest as you are leveling your combat stats train slayer with it, slayer is a very useful skill when trying to make money. If you would like to know more about the skills there are very in depth guides on youtube.

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I recommend finding an OSRS Wiki/guide to single out the quests that are easy to do at your level. Most of them give a major xp boost to different skills that could easily bring you from level one to 15+ depending on the quest and skill it boosts. You could always find players in-game that will show you the ropes or hit the Old school clan forums and join one. Most of them are super friendly clans with knowledgeable players that will do just about anything to help new players.

I wish you look in your search, no XP waste!! :D

Check out The Family
in the Old School Clan Forums,
we are a chill OSRS clan chat for every level.
Join our ranks!!!

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