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I've lost my main account to a permanent ban under the suspicion of real world trading, however, I have never traded outside of the game. The accusations are wrong and I am trying to refute this mistake, but having any sort of conversation with anyone is being near impossible. What happened the day I was banned, I was traded 100million gold from a guy named sir skeebs whom is a past friend of mine, and we are not even friends anymore because of the whole mishap... The moment I was banned I had 50m left of what was his and I was kicked off of the account and I couldn't pay him back so he was very upset with me, I've lost a lot of friends over this. We both sold our twisted bows and bought maxed gear for raids as we thought this was a smarter purchase than a twisted bow and he gave me the bulk of what he had left for staking. I am a trusted staker among friends, I have won billions, lost billions, traded billions and it was all legitimate never taking some for myself or scamming OR buying or selling the gold which is the biggest point i want to make. It might be worth explaining the night before I was banned as well; The night before, my discord had a large staking session with maybe ten or so different friends all trying their luck on my account but we ended the night on a fourteen loss streak and many friends ended up completely broke, perhaps one of them reported me out of frustration, i dont know. Just because I have lots of gold going thru my account doesnt mean I was cheating by any means, It instead meant that I was trusted. I promise you, that whatever evidence there is against me, that it is weak and surely cannot hold up as I legitimately have never bought or sold gold. Sorry that this is a lot to read, I just want to make clear what was happening. The account name is DizTheGreat, Please hear my plee, at this point I am begging which is not something I like to do... but please help me.

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18-Jul-2019 00:57:43

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If what you're saying is actually true, you may want to try a social media platform that Jagex is on or appeal it under where it says you broke the rule. Jmods don't come here much.
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18-Jul-2019 02:20:20

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Sorry, but ban appeals may not be posted to the forums, and Real World Trade bans are not ones that may be appealed per the Account Bans support article linked above:

"If your account has been temporarily or permanently banned for any of the following, we have deemed it serious enough to remove the account from RuneScape for the duration of the ban:

- Account hijacking
- Bug abuse
Real world trading

- Other manual permanent ban (fraud, community safety)

These penalties are reserved for the worst offenders and we will not debate these types of bans on our forums, social media or any other method of communication."

Additionally, based on your post, it reads as if you were account sharing when you and your friends were staking with your account - do note that account sharing is against the rules and its cases like this which show why it is never a good idea to let someone else log into your account - ultimately the account owner is responsible for what other parties do on their account if the other party chooses to break the rules.

Outside of the redirection to the Account Bans page, there isn't anything further we can suggest regarding your ban from the forums.

18-Jul-2019 04:33:24

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