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HeIl_Tomas said:
Hello guys, so today i just logged in into my acc (osrs) And i saw that i was standing in lumbridge for no reason... I walked to bank and saw that all of my bank was gone. It was like 3m, its not a lot, but it was all i had. I just wanted to ask, if it is possible to look with what account it was traded? I just want to know who got all this money and items.

Sorry to hear you've been hacked :(

There's not a way for us players to see where the items were traded to, but you can email
to inform them that you've been hijacked - They will be able to track where your belongings went and hopefully ban those involved. While it won't get your items back, it may prevent them from targeting someone else in the future

I'd also recommend following the steps here to secure your computer & account from further hijacks :)

11-Dec-2017 04:49:09

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