Privacy mode Enabled?

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Ben Jahpiro
Jul Member 2019

Ben Jahpiro

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Hi Everyone,

I hope i can get an answer from this.

Im trying to join a friend's Player Owned House, but its saying in the chat :
"That player is offline, or has privacy mode enabled"

Before i get replies like "Is your private at ON and not off or friends only?"

Yes, both accounts have private on ON.

I made sure the portal says "Visitors can now enter your house."

I still get the error no matter what.

Both accounts are on the same world, player owned house is in remington and i am in remington trying to join it, i dont see what is wrong.

Can anybody help me with what am i missing?

Also, the inverse is possible.

Player A cannot join Player B
Player B can join player A..

HELP please

20-Aug-2019 04:24:52

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