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How do i go about stopping this lure that happens in osrs with chamber of xeric

what happens is a lvl 3 will say "my world scouted" and when you join his cc he will be on a pvp world and then he will have friends geared up ready to kill that pvmer that accidentally fell for this lure. the main accounts involved need to be punished not just the lvl 3 that are effectively just a bond

10-Aug-2019 21:56:09

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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I don't believe that it's explicitly mentioned that this type of behaviour is prohibited in the rules, but it could theoretically fall under "scamming" which is against the rules.

But the game tells you when you're hopping that it's a PVP world. You enter these worlds at your own risk.
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10-Aug-2019 22:09:42

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