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Cosmic Star said:
I do agree that the poll system needs reworked. How I'm not sure. But if I'm not mistaken don't no voters currently have x3 the voting power than a yes voter? When it should be the majority rules. Not to mention I don't know if this is a true fact but from things I've seen over the years I feel it's safe to say people leaning to voting no on major updates are more often to use alts to vote in their favor.

No it shouldn't. Almost everything passes even with a 75% requirement.

I remember this clearly in 2012. Us VETERANS were discussing with Jagex what we wanted out of this server. Namely, that WE decide the updates. But we knew 50% was too permissive and would allow for Easyscape crap to get into the game. We gave numbers like 75% or 80%. Jagex ultimately decided to go with 75% which was a huge mistake, as 80% would have prevented a lot of shit content that passed at 75-79% and caused these veterans to quit.

The people who tend to vote no on alts are doing it because they care about the game to the extent they will buy bonds to get more votes.

There is an inherent bias for Yes because there are way WAY more noobs and newbies on this game than elites and veterans. Tell me how many questions get under 50%? Almost never any.

So no, we don't need to make this problem even worse by lowering the threshold. You would be setting the bar so low that this game would become 2012Scape overnight, and we know what happened after that... EoC. The system needs to be revamped altogether.
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22-Jul-2019 23:15:35

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If we cant even agree on that Yes/No votes win by 50%, not 75%, I cant ever imagine this stuff happening..

So much content would have gotten into game with 50%+
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23-Jul-2019 01:08:17

Arcane Sense
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Arcane Sense

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Lol no. Too restrictive and not representative of the majority of the player base. Higher levels aren't more important, we all pay the same bills.

Maybe membership status of at least 2-3 years?

27-Jul-2019 19:48:38

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No Support. The same twa.... I mean elitist players who vote down all content polled will be the majority of those who meet the requirements.
In my opinion, give people who have a fresh perspective on the game more of a say than the decaying 'veterans' who want the game to die just so they don't have to re-gain their max cape.

People who aren't corrupted by stupid phrases like 'Ez Scape' and 'if you want that, play rs3' have a much more valuable opinion when it comes to content, because they only care about what they might actually enjoy. And not what they think will make the sound 'cool' during their next attempt at communicating with the OSRS player base.

28-Jul-2019 16:34:03

Ramesses II

Ramesses II

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People who makes these thread are the ones who does not even know anything about polling.

Did the OP not do his search before making this thread. I can give you 40 things that will show how this suggested polling sucks. I will just give one just to kill this thread once for all

Let’s take PvP content for example,

These are run by pure clans, zkers and meds who have no of your requirement, as these builds are easy to make. I can tell you that these players knows their PvP poll shits more than you and the so-called max main players who sits and do only PvM.

Hell no!

You don’t PvP and you don’t know what combat or stats they have because you think every update is all out PvM; meanwhile, we have seen tons of PvP. There are casual players who have better experience than max mains.

Secondly, a lot of players bots their 99s like the vennies. Thirdly, you are allowing kids with 99 cooking afk to vote over people with better stats.

A member player is a player who pays to have their say. Anyways, your suggestion should be in suggestion section which will get no attention.

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